Established 1984

Mission Statement

LCR Contractors operates as the premier applicator for Spray Applied Fireproofing and Spray Applied Insulation products.

Vision Statement

To be the General Contractor’s company of choice on all Spray Applied Fireproofing and Spray Applied Insulation projects.


Thoughts and actions that hold us to the highest of moral and ethical standards; requiring honesty, openness, discipline, and consistency.


Participation and behaviour that may require us to sacrifice self interest to achieve the greater good.


Actions that demonstrate genuine care and concern for individuals and that create and maintain a safe and healthy work environment.


Organizational, team and personal actions that comply with standards and processes consistent with goals, responsibilities and promises.


Willingness to take full responsibility for our performance to produce agreed upon results.
Company History

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Leadership team

Executive Team

Donald Spicer

CEO / Owner

Clay Spicer


Operations Team/ Division Managers
Beck Dando

VP Operations



Adam Henning

Chief Financial Officer

Robby Madsen

VP Central Texas

Chris Swanzy

VP Residential Construction

Derick Furr

VP Operations

Matt Truelove

West Texas Division Manager