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What is the Spray Intumescent Fireproofing Application?
Conventional sprayed fire-resistive materials are covered with construction materials such as wallboard or gypsum board.  Thin-film intumescent mastic fire-resistive coatings enable steel structures (I-beams, T-beams, C-channels, Z-beams and pipe / tubular columns) to be exposed to high temperature conditions for extended periods of time with minimal damage to structural integrity.  These coatings that resemble painted steel with a gloss finish provide the fire protection required by building codes, while still providing an attractive finish for exposed structural steel members.

Thin-film intumescent mastic fire-resistive coatings generally consist of a primer for adherence, the intumescent base coat, and some type of decorative topcoat to serve as a protective barrier.  When exposed to fire, the intumescent base coat expands, forming a thick layer of foam that protects the steel by thermally insulating it and shielding it from the heat.

Intumescent fire resistive coatings are designed to provide an insulating barrier between flames and steel and are necessary to ensure the structural performance of the steel members at the temperatures anticipated during a fully developed fire.  For coatings to be effective during crisis conditions two unique characteristics are critical, the expansion of the coating, and the retention of the insulating char layer to the structure.  Both of these characteristics are highly dependant on the proper thickness (per the coating manufacturer’s specification) of the cured, applied coating

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Kevin Twyford
Gulf Coast Fireproofing Manager

Some common brands of sprayed on intumescent fire resistive coatings include:

Thermo-Sorb and Nullifire manufactured by The Carboline Company

Firefilm manufactured by A/D Fire Protection Systems

Spray Film,WB-2 and WB-3 manufactured by CAFCO Industries, Inc

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