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Spray Fireproofing Materials

LCR Contractors uses all types of spray fireproofing products which include the following types and manufactures:

  1. Cementitious Fireproofing Products:
    • Isolatek International
      • Cafco 300, Cafco 400, Fendolite and Cafco 800
    • Grace Construction Products
      • MK-6, MK-Z106 and MK-Z146
    • Southwest Fireproofing
      • Southwest Type 5GP, Type 5MD, Type 7GP and Type 7HD
  2. Mineral Fiber Based Products:
    • Isolatek International
      • Blaze-Shield II and Blaze-Shield HP
  Under standard conditions where the spray fireproofing application once applied will remain concealed behind walls and/or above the ceiling we use a low density product with 15 pcf. Under exposed conditions where moisture and abrasion resistance is required we will use a medium density product with 22 pcf. The industry also has a high density product for extended exposure and weather resistance capability with a 40 pcf protection.

“LCR Contractors is a professionally committed applicator of all Isolatek International fireproofing products. Their commitment to excellence in all aspects of construction management is the standard that our customers demand. LCR Contractors performance in major projects throughout the Texas and Oklahoma region is unrivaled.”

Robert A. McKim
Sales Representative
Isolatek International

“Southwest Fireproofing personnel have known LCR Contractors, Inc. since their founding over 25 years ago and recognize their continued dedication to service in the construction industry. LCR has strong Architectural and General Contracting relationships that have developed from years of excellent project participation. These relationships bear proof of thoroughly trained and well equipped field operations. LCR Contractors reputation and strength of organization makes Southwest Fireproofing proud to supply them with Cementitious Fireproofing materials.”

John Wright
Vice President
Southwest Fireproofing

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