Frequently Asked Questions

Is LCR a turnkey spraying company?

LCR has estimators, engineers, laborers, managers, superintendants, and quality assurance. Every step from plan room to field management is shouldered solely by LCR’s team.

What is LCR’s material lead time?

2 weeks is an appropriate amount of time for any material.

Does LCR provide square foot prices?

Job conditions fluctuate; therefore sqft numbers can be very inaccurate. It’s advantageous for the GC and subcontractors to have current plans and anticipated obstacles laid out to supply the most accurate formal proposal possible.

How far does LCR travel?

LCR has worked as far as Oregon, Maine and Florida, all from our home base in Dallas/Mesquite.

LCR Warranty?

LCR warrants their work with utmost confidence and licensed sprayers. Some materials have additional warranties through the manufacturer offering even more back end support for your construction project.

Must the floor and roof be completely finished before fireproofing is applied?

In short, YES, per the manufacturer’s instructions- water infiltration through the roof or down through floors is harmful to the material during the curing process.

During what building phase does LCR complete their work?

When the building is water tight, the deck is finished, and clips and hanger attachments are made to beams and the deck. No mechanical, plumbing, or HVAC work should be done. It is easier for you to work around fireproofing than for us to work around other trades.